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What is Domain Name???
In Simple language Domain means the working area which can be covered under a work profile. The word “DOMAIN NAME” has been abstracted from the word Domain. “DOMAIN NAME” can be elaborated as the website address of a certain company’s name. One “DOMAIN NAME” can be fixed to a single company but a company can have multiple domains. That means a “DOMAIN NAME” denoted the business entity, by all means domain is the value of the company/ brand on the web. Domains can be the domain names are having multiple extensions like .com / .co. In/ .in/ .biz/ .co/ .net/.org/.info/.mobi and much more. So by multiple extensions one is helped to choose the same name, e.g. two or more companies can have same resembling names so can opt the same “DOMAIN NAME” with different extensions. Domain should also be having the keywords included in it which helps it to be optimized on the search engines, so that it can be easily promoted and can help in increasing the web visibility resulting into sales. So while choosing a domain two criteria’s are to be checked that firstly it either relates to your business line or on the other hand should be having a keyword used in a domain name of your product and services. e.g. is a domain having the self optimizing keywords in it and also helps the viewer of the web to imagine the work profile and the services provided by this domain so is helping the online business by increasing the website visibility and online promotion.

What is Website Hosting???
WEBSITE HOSTING is a space where a website can be hosted or can be placed which is 24x7 live. Hosting is a very defined service which helps in displaying the quality of a website, as an example a simple 4-5 pages website can also take more space as comparison to a 25 pages website as in technical terms whenever a website in opened a log is generated and get saved in the hosting space so if a 4-5 page website is being viewed regularly and by many viewers at different locations, multiple logs will be generated in comparison with a website with 25 pages and a heavy hosting plan. Hosting word also have an additional criteria of Database management, say a dynamic website always require a database where one can update the content on the website, if a user wants that anyone who is getting registered on a website will automatically be entered into a table then this process also uses database. Database Hosting Management itself is a defined category which cannot be explained in simple terms. A good website hosting is also helpful as when a online user is opening your web address and due to bad hosting the website is taking long time then the user will easily change the mind without taking time and switchovers to other website. Same is in the case of search engines when a engine automatically visiting your website and due to bad hosting the website is taking time so the engine process will not wait for the website till it opens, always decide for a best combination hosting keeping these points in mind, more over we at a professional company is offering best combination pack in website designing area according to the pages /content/ flash and other integrants of the website which will be most suitable as per your requirement.

What is Flash???
FLASH is an art work or we can say it a mode of displaying the smartness in a website. A good flash with a combination of nice pictures and unique content on the pictures displaying the services with the help of pictures helps the website to attract the viewer so we can say that Flash takes an important factor in designing a websites. Manny of the designer websites which are made only for displaying products and material are being made fully on flash so as to look good and attractive.

What is Menu???
MENU is known as the index of the website. It helps the visitor to view the material displayed on the website. As in main buttons on the Menu of any website are HOME - help visitor to take to the home page from any other page. ABOUT US – helps the visitor to know the background of the company, the past experience of the company, the achievements and the management of the company. PRODUCT & SERVICES – helps the visitor to view the products available with the company or the services provided by the company, here the products or services can be mentioned according to their variety, quality, quantity and the prices should also be viewed according the help of quality and quantity combination. CONTACT US – helps the visitor to see the address of the company along with the branches and contact numbers helping the visitor to contact and ask for any query or for maturing the sales, here in this page usually a query form is mentioned where a visitor can put his/ her details and post, which gets deliver to the owner or the admin of the website by way of email helping admin to contact the visitor to solve the query or converting into sales. Menu can be in a simple format or with a flash format as a Flash Format menu is attractive and also works with sound effects so is helpful for the websites which displays the high end products. A flash menu can be viewed on


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